Finding Our Freedom From Within!

Only Use This Photo of The Me I Never WasWelcome to The Mind… Your Spirit my new blog site! My name is Francine C. Still Hicks author of the new published book called, “THE ME I NEVER WAS” – published by Balboa Press a division of Hay House Publishing.

This blog site will be a bridge to all who seeks to know themselves from within – for the seeker who has questions of finding their true self and to be bold in stripping the bandages that has labeled them from being who they were born to be! This blog site will be a site where you can come and express yourself freely without being judged,  we are here to heal the Mind, cleanse the Soul and reveal the Spirit!

I started writing “The Me I Never Was” in 1978 while I was working as supervisor at a gift store/restaurant. I was twenty four years old and my life up to that point was painful and a great struggle. As a young child I felt different – that I wasn’t like anyone else and what made me feel different was my surroundings… my environment. I thought it was natural  having dreams, visions and meditative experiences of another life in different dimensions – I thought within myself that all people experienced supernatural happenings. Early in my life I realized others didn’t experience those true moments of reality or they didn’t expressed them outwardly, because of the fear being called strange – I began slowly protecting my visions in silence.

On this blog page we will be able to communicate with each other and share our personal experiences in the pursuit of finding our true self within. We will have the opportunity to share our thoughts on the Power of Love – on the mystical and on the spiritual moments we have in our quiet hours. Here we will share our questions and answers without being judged for our beliefs that have not yet grown into the fullness of “Knowing!”

We will find the empowerment to revolutionize within – bringing an evolution to the soul – purging the soul from all shadows of the past. We will grow into our soul’s purification from all the external labels that have been placed in our minds since birth! Gently we will evolve outwardly into our true purpose of living – we will find our freedom together!

In The Name of Love and Freedom,

Francine C. Still Hicks

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