Let Love – The Alchemy of God

th7QC150VXLet Love reach out into the world. Let Love be the Light of understanding and compassion become humankind’s experience. Let Love work in the hearts of those who hate out of ignorance in not knowing why. Let Love blossom forth into empathy – in the souls of those who know not the wisdom of God’s Omnipotence. Let Love be the beacon of Light that shows the way to enlightenment. Let Love open the hearts of the ignorant and become the eyes to see the All in Truth! Let Love break the chains of dogma and bring freedom to every living soul.

Love is the alchemy process of All Life – the chemistry of God’s Divine Transformation set forth throughout the universe – into humankind’s natural process. For Love is not weak, but the power force behind all that there is. Love is the Protector of Justice in all life! Let Love guide us through this evolutionary period – by the called alignment of God’s Alchemy – the time of Transformation!

This is the time for all that is silver to turn to gold – this is the time given to all who reach for transformation will receive the given gift of eternal life. We are the Power that has been invested for Freedom; the liberation to be who we were born to be! Take your wings and fly to the highest dimension of boundless heights inside – and outside !

“May We Heal Within and Awaken Our Awareness of Truth”

In The Name of Love & Freedom,

Francine C. Still Hicks