Getting To Know Me…

fullsizerender-6As an author, you will get to know me through my writing. As a woman, you will get to know the inspiration that came from the child within my soul.

My message – and inspiration began when I was a small child, at a very young age – and has stayed with me into my adulthood. Every experience in “The Me I Never Was” is written in Truth.

As early as ten months old, I can remember thinking as a full grown woman. I would go in – and out of sleep experiencing other worlds. One afternoon I woke up – and found myself lying in the playpen with another little person laying opposite of me in a different direction (my twin sister). I laid there waiting for someone to come for me – and I couldn’t understand why I had to wait for someone to pick me up and let me out! My words formed clearly in my mind, but my mouth couldn’t move the way I wanted it to; as I was trying to call out for help. So, on this one particular afternoon; I had enough of waiting. In my mind clearly said, “I want to be independent; I’m going to do this myself!” I crawled to the rail of the playpen – and pulled myself up. It was not an easy task; my body felt like lead – and my legs felt wobbly, but I made it! The moment I stood, I knew I was on my way towards independence. The day I stood on my own, I knew I could live the life that was the real me. The day I stood on my own; I stayed connected to my true self – and I wasn’t going to let go!

If, you would like to know more about the child who had determination – and will power to evolve into the woman she is today, please leave a comment below!

“In The Name of True Freedom!”
Francine C. Still Hicks

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