“Against The Ropes”

You wake up – and there are bills on the table. The phone rings – and a person on the other end ask, “When will you pay your car payment, it’s late?” Your children need new clothes, food is low in the cabinet – and the list goes on. It seems life has you “against the ropes!” The price of living has gone up – and you feel the pressures of life. You decide to get a second job to balance out the bills, but it’s still not good enough. The family feels the pressure – and your wife takes a part- time job. The quality time with your children has diminished to; “Hi, goodbye – and I love you!”

As with the single person, your home becomes a place to organize your bills, eat and sleep – sometimes eating on the run. You begin to feel you have no personal life – and don’t know how to get out of the “rat race” life has presented to you. If you stop for one moment, everything you have worked for will crumble – and fall. You need time to clear your mind – and heal the body, but you can’t find the time. You have to keep up with society – and your desire to have a family has been put on hold – because you don’t have the time. You find yourself self-medicating, to endure staying in the ring of life. You have found yourself, against the ropes!

At some point in our lives, we all have experienced the pressure of being against the ropes. We ask ourselves; “How can I maintain what I worked for – and have peace of mind? How can I provide for my family – and enjoy life at the same time?”

Happiness for our self – and family is setting priorities in our lives. Today’s world has made it difficult to maintain the essentials we need to survive. So, how do we optimize to find peace of mind – and enjoy what we do have? Simplicity is our answer to contentment.

Gradually we can move towards things we always wanted, but it should not be at the cost of losing your peace – and happiness. The chaos of the world has already put you against the ropes. Why put yourself in the same boxing ring?

Going for the extra things in life are fine if, you can keep a balance of what is most important to you. When you leave this earth – you can’t take the fancy car, big house, or large bank account with you. The only thing you will be taking with you is whether you obtained peace – and happiness, or the turmoil of being pushed against the ropes.

What we have experienced on earth for some time is a delusion – and misconception how life is supposed to be. The materialism of this world came out of greed – and selfishness from negative forces. The desires to control, contain – and enslave you. We weren’t born in a boxing ring. Step outside the ring – and you will no longer be against the ropes!

Created out of love – and compassion, we will return to our original position in creation – and we will experience joy living in simplicity.

“A true champion fights through the battle – and knows when to step out of the ring.” – FCSH

“In The Name of True Freedom!”

Francine C. Still Hicks

The Me I Never Was

Source: “Against The Ropes”


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