“Quiet Heat”

quiet-heatthThe poem “Quiet Heat” is taken from my book, The Me I Never Was.

In our quietness, we hear the whispering voice of Love calling us; our first Love that came into this life with us quietly – and protected us on our journey being born into the flesh.
As we grew older in the flesh, our external environment hid our first Love deeper within us. Distractions of the world became our focus – and we slowly drifted into the world of illusions – and distortions. Slowly we diminish our true sense of what is real – and we become fixated on temporary conditions the world has created for us. We become delusional by the façade society has painted for us to believe; while quietly our first Love within waits patiently for our return.

There is a quiet heat within the chambers of your heart. In the chambers of your heart is where your first Love dwells. Have you reached into the depths of your soul to connect with your first Love? Have you heard the quiet voice of your first Love reaching for you in the warmth of your heart? Can you feel your first Love waiting for your return? Would you recognize the voice of your True Love? We all have our personal key to the heart.

Your experience of unlocking the door to your first Love is in your power. You are the only one who can experience your intimate relationship within!

You can leave your comments – and testimony how you unlocked the door to your “Quiet Heat” within. The “Quiet Heat” of God’s expanding flame that burns within!

 (click on link) >  YouTube Video “Quite Heat” 

“In The Name of Love & Freedom!”
Francine C. Still Hicks

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